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Guide homeostasis on your own terms

Don't settle for a "random" state of homeostasis

Poor nutrition creates cellular stress to begin with, from the inside.

I was overburdening my body with daily bricks of shitty foods, choppy sleep, and weekend hangovers. Chronic physical aches eventually began to creep up as the weight creeped up, and stressors started to accumulate one atop the other... financial worry stress, workplace stress, and interpersonal relationship stress, all of them affected my body negatively.

From a corporeal perspective in Jose's FFR, those compounded stressors my mind was reacting to impacted my immune system's ability to function properly and ended up manifesting a broken body, with 57 pounds of spare tire around its waist.

Give your cells a break!

Body's cells are just doing their best adapting to their environment. I thought back at periods of my life when I was more active in the gym, ate less carryout and more often at home. Times when I drank little to no alcohol, was physically active, fit and more agile. I remember the stress of living paycheck to paycheck with multiple jobs didn't seem as overwhelming. My outlook was more positive, life in general was smoother. Those stressors were balanced by self-nurturing of the only foundation I had to live it from, my body.

YOU CAN DO IT, you can BRING OUT the BEST version of YOU!

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This experience became a life-changing exercise in self-mastery that grounded me into a deeper connection with how I truly see myself, in my 💗 of hearts.

Since as a general statistic 70% of the adult population is overweight and miserable, I want to be a beacon of inspiration for my friends, family, colleagues, customers, and social media connections, to experience an empowering wellness transformation for themselves too, and inspire everyone whose lives they touch in turn making our collective world experience, our shared reality, a much better place.

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