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Diving into the cellular regeneration process

To open up a new dimension where I get to live my best physique, the superhero me that exists year-round without weighing food, prepping meals, counting calories, using apps, or experiencing anxiety at dinner party invitations, I had to create a new "vision of health" that fell right in line with living out my fitness fantasy.

That is my philosophy of how it should be to me. The experience of living your best potential body should feel as if you are, coasting through life residing within the best version of you effortlessly, and why can't it be that way?

Which matters more, diet or work out?

Take a step back, and look at a week in terms of hours, there are 168 total.

Work out four days a week X one hour per day = 4 hours total workout time per week.

Four hours of working out hard, just represents 2.4% of a week's total time. That means that for my cells to regenerate into a new physique, the biggest impact comes from what I am doing the other 97.6% of the time, which is eat & sleep!


YES, exercise is still a required component.

With my 4X4 nutritional approach, I relaxed, and let the new me displace the old me as a side effect, a consequence of minding energy dissipated through the cellular regeneration process.

Inspiring the people around me was one of the major effects of taking responsibility for my own physical wellness instead of leaving it up in the air. It attracted their interest in what I was doing to be so fit at my age like a magnet. My body became energetic, good, positive feelings tangibly radiated from me at a higher level by virtue of simply applying my generic wellness vision, which is: Reducing the workload of my organ's designated functions, makes them last longer, and greatly magnifies my body's overall vital energy.

Exercise stimulates cellular reorganization.

A quick example is cardio exercise. Sitting down, at rest, let's say your heart rate is 75 beats per minute. Walking 30 minutes at a brisk pace, increasing your heart by 60% to 120 beats per minute, three days a week now means you are making your heart beat 45 more times per minute x 90 minutes a week. 4050 MORE beats per week than if you did not exercise.

This actually helps your heart work less in the long run. Here's how...

Visualize your circulatory system adapting to the exposure of sustaining a 60% increase in metabolic energy output. This results in a more powerful heart pump to keep blood reaching every cell in your body.

After three or four weeks, your heart may have become just 10% more efficient at moving blood, which means it now takes it 67.5 beats at "rest" to move the same amount of blood that took 75 beats before.

Before exercise, in a week at 75 beats per minute x 10080 minutes a week = 756,000 beats weekly.

After exercise, 67.5 beats a minute x 10080 minutes a week = 680,400 beats a week.

Your heart now saves 75,600 beats per week. That's over 3.9 million beats per year saved in pumping blood throughout the body, almost 20,000,000 over just five years of consistent moderate exercise... your heart will last longer!

This example is very conservative and obviously not scientific. In many real-life cases, a 20% and more efficiency increase is possible in as little as six months. Remember though, exercise is just a stimulus. As you soon will discover, nutrition habits are even *more important* than exercise in attaining optimal general health, wellness, fitness, and vitality.

Less willpower exerted, more gut TLC applied.

In my imaginary FFR, where I wanted so badly to live in my superhero body, I saw it like this;

My digestive system takes macronutrients (fats, proteins and carbs) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients) along with water and regenerates a new body on a perpetual basis, keeping me alive as efficiently as possible within the conditions created by me.

At the heart of all this activity are enzymes. and over 3000 of them control 10 million biological reactions that occur every minute inside of my fitness fantasy body. This symphony of enzymes, shuffling nutrients and protein molecules to regenerate my cells, is orchestrated by my immune system.

In this video, I briefly explain how Immune System builds muscle

(1 min)

Since muscle atrophies naturally as we age, I eat and work out to add muscle naturally as I age.

So simple, yet regurgitators complicate you blind to it... 70% of the immune system lives in my gut, and what goes into my gut I have complete control over. To think that I actually have a direct effect on the environment where cellular regeneration begins and ends, is very exciting!

Optimal wellness to me, is a visual flow of cellular energy

It is abstract, very difficult to visualize, so I imagined it as the optimal superhero being a side-effect of my body settling into a natural state of homeostasis due to the environment I create.

My mind had to visualize a space, a "realm" where my muscles received a constant source of nutrients to draw from for 16+ waking hours a day, and digestion also needed my gut empty for periods of time to break down proteins and regenerate cells more efficiently, with that entire process peaking during sleep. This is different than prolonged fasting or exercise-induced autophagy. The 4x4 Fatloss Plan is not that.

Ride the line to Superhero shape

I could see in my mind the fine line weaving the path together, between feeding my muscles the protein building blocks they need throughout the day, boosting my immune system by not bogging down digestion while giving it the space it needs to clean itself up, and supporting gut microbiota multidimensionally through probiotics, acemannan and high-fiber foods to achieve a "crisper" end result of a best physique.

That could only happen through self-acceptance, self-love, and most important, prioritizing nurturing over satiation.

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