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Personal Transformation

Phase II
Superhero best.

Prime bodyweight was the foundation that I built on.

Here in Phase II is where I tightened up the 4X4 to bring out my absolute best, muscular superhero physique. With my body being a finite reservoir of energy within my visual mental picture of how cellular regeneration energy flows, I choose protein sources that are easier for my body to make bioavailable and assimilate into its cells by adopting a vegetarian nutritional regimen.

From dreaming to living my superhero body

In addition to the 4x4 lean tissue-feeding protocol, I added one 30-35 gram protein shake *and* one or two 20 gram protein bars everyday, unlimited whole and dried fruits, and grazed on nuts, seeds, peanuts, non-candy trail mixes, and other novelty protein snacks throughout the day.

Always a protein dose right before bed at night, right after my workouts, and right before a nap if I took one that day. Remember, cellular regeneration activity peaks during sleep in my world, and contrary to the information regurgitators, before bed every single night I'd have a dose of 20-40 grams of protein. So technically, my muscles would receive something six to seven times a day. This was much easier and simpler than it sounds.

Can you visualize it? 180 to 200 grams of non-meat protein each and every day consistently. And they say vegetarians don't get enough protein... Well "they" can turn right around and go gnaw on a carcass!

It was me all along

Once I reached the Version 3.0 level of fitness listening to that voice that guided me to stop pigging out, to select my four meals a day wisely, to get my butt in the gym four days a week, to stick to the 4X4 plan, that was my Version 3.0 calling out from deep inside my VERSION 1's 💗

I knew this guy was buried inside of my fat self...

Actions ground my inner vision, consistency expresses and expands it outward, best version of me steps in, and occupies that space.

In my FFR, all moments are happening at once, so the today Version 3.0 me is here because Version 1 finally heeded the callings I sent to him to make sure I existed in his future when time caught up to my vision at that time. Hey, I've been saying that this is Jose's fitness fantasy realm... it can be esoteric and all muffed up! 😜

For years I ignored that little voice that always seemed to know better. Once I decided to tune in to its wisdom, it led me directly to a powerful positive inner dialogue that allows me to live my superhero physique year-round today.

When I finally listened, what happened?

Those thoughts empowered by rapid progress made it much easier for my brain to attach emotional weight to that vision of a V-tapered superhero that I have been holding inside of my heart for so long. By simply minding my body's cellular regeneration, that superhero physique manifested itself as a mere side effect and felt almost effortless, because it was not something I was killing myself chasing down.

Like tending to a garden, nurturing my body in ways that lightened the load on cellular regeneration automatically resulted in my body adapting into its optimal form.

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